Neck Retrax: Relieve Neck Pain and Fix Posture in Minutes a Day

If you have neck pain and poor posture, the Neck Retrax is perfect for you! It’s designed to help your posture and give you pain relief in just minutes every day.


This gadget uses the traditional “chin tuck” exercise to strengthen your neck and back muscles. This pulls the back over the shoulders to correct “tech neck,” or forward head posture. In almost no time, you’ll have better posture and reduced pain.


In the lay down cradle option, the gadget also uses spinal traction to relieve any pressure on the spine or nerves. The slight pull will stretch out the neck muscles and vertebrae, improving blood circulation and relieving tension.


You can use it standing or lying down! Connect it to any door, railing post, slide your head through, and start doing retraction exercises. You can also change the resistance level shortening the band at each ball stopper.


If you want an easy way to relieve pain, the Neck Retrax is for you!


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Watch the demo down below!


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