Northshore Platform Boat Lifts: The Easy Way to Store Your Boat

Do you have a hard time docking and undocking your boat? The Northshore Platform Lifts are perfect for you! It’s designed to raise and lower your boat quickly and easily.


It’s engineered to keep your boat secure and safe in your dock while looking sleek in your home! When your lift is in the complete upright position, none of the components are in the water—this preserves your dock and boat for longer.


It has an aluminum deck box that keeps the batteries and other components neatly contained and free from water. All you need is a wireless key fob to raise and lower it, and it’s hardwired to a manual switch in a lockable box!


It doesn’t require any overhead steel, ensuring your boathouse maintains a clean and sleek look without any clutter. Plus, the platform lift comes with a lift-locking device for longer storage periods!


It also adds square footage to your dock or boathouse!


If you want more information on the platform boat lifts, check out the company’s website here!


Watch the demo down below!


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Northshore Platform Lifts