Old Man Sits on Same Street Corner Every Night, Then Woman Finds the Reason Why

Every evening after sundown, this elderly man named Paul Lomax came to the corner of Cactus and 32nd Street in Phoenix, Arizona.

He would painfully settle himself under the street overhead lights and take his collection of copper coins in the scorching heat, and begin selling them.

One day, a Phoenix-based fitness trainer, Lisa Fandrich, decided to stop by and hear his story.

Fandrich found out Paul came here 37 years ago with his wife and has been living off social security. Each night, he walks to the corner to make some extra money for his wife of 54 years.

He stays just until the lights at the Church’s Chicken goes out.

Fandrich was worried for Paul staying out so late but when she voiced her concern, he replied, “God watches out for me”.

Lisa asked Paul which coins were his favorite two and he showed her two copper coins that she decided to buy from him.

But, she didn’t feel like that was enough. An elderly man like Paul should not be out in the scorching sun trying to make some extra money for him and his wife.

So, she decided to set up a GoFundMe page for the two of them.

The GoFundMe was successful raising over $30,000 for Paul which helped the couple save their home.

It’s amazing how much power social media can do to help an elderly man like Paul in need.

Watch the video below to learn more of Paul and Lisa’s story:


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