Out of Western Sydney, Australia comes a very profound and eye-opening video. For those who are interested, Western Sydney is in effect an entirely ‘separate’ city within wider Sydney. Home to 2 million residents (many of them immigrants or the sons and daughters of immigrants), the locale is a veritable melting pot of all the greatness immigration to a new land can bring as well as at times a window to some of the blessings that can be felt with being able to make a new beginning when the past is traumatizing and painful.

Against the backdrop of the worsening Syrian humanitarian crisis, we see the story of Deng Adut, a young Sudanese refugee who recently graduated from the University of Western Sydney. Beautifully edited and with hypnotizing synth-hop beats featured throughout, it brings to life his inspirational story. It shows some challenging imagery from the troubled land Deng left behind, but it also points to the promise of his new life and bright future in Australia as a fresh university graduate. It’s an inspiring story that should remind us that anything is possible.