The Opera Camper Combines the Camping Lifestyle with a Luxurious 21st Century Look

If you love the camping lifestyle, you’ll definitely fall in love with the Opera Camper from Rob Vos Design.

It combines the camping lifestyle with a 21st century look of a high quality camper with amenities.

The Opera starts off as an extension of your car. It’s extremely stable thanks to its wide track, double axle, hydraulic shocks and very low centre of gravity.

With a simple twist of a key to unlock the Opera and a press of a button to unfold it, the Opera Camper unfolds into a beautiful, luxurious Opera house style camper.

In the Opera Camper, you’ll find:

Two electrically adjustable slats and mattresses with two comfort zones for an excellent night’s sleep. With a single stroke, you can combine the two separate beds into a double bed.

A compact kitchen equipped with a stainless steel sink and pull-out faucet head.

A ceramic toilet and a corian fountain with a pull-out faucet head that you can use to shower outdoors.

Handy storage spaces on both sides of the camper that can be accessed from both inside and outside.

A top loading refrigerator that can hold up to a volume of 36 litres.

On the outside of the Opera Camper, you can find:

Compass points to help you position the camper so that the rising sun will warm it up.

A main baggage area that can be accessed from both outside and inside.

A stylish, multifunctional outdoor kitchen that’s connected to the vehicle’s onboard gas supply.

If you’re interested in getting an Opera Camper, you can contact the designer on his website for a quote.


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