Opinel Kitchen Tools: Educational Cooking Equipment for Kids

When cooking at home, it’s hard to have your kids not wondering what you’re up to. And as much as you want to teach and protect them from the sharp knives and peelers, sometimes it’s just not worth the risk of an accident. That’s why the Opinel Kitchen Tools were created.

The Opinel Kitchen Tools are a 3 piece set that include a knife, peeler and finger guard to help keep your child (and even yourself!) safe while cooking. The knife and peeler come with a circle holder to help keep them stable and the finger guard helps keep you safe while chopping ingredients.

Opinel Kitchen Tools 1

Opinel Kitchen Tools 2

The Opinel Kitchen Tools are made of stainless steel blades that are anti-corrosive thanks to the addition of chromium. The handles are made of beech making it hard, durable and easy to work with. Each of the tools come equipped with an educational finger ring to help position with more stability.

Opinel Kitchen Tools 3

Included in the 3 piece set is a finger guard which helps keep you safe while chopping ingredients. The guard has two slots for your fingers to hold it flat on your cutting board.

Opinel Kitchen Tools 4

Opinel Kitchen Tools are ideally made for children between 7 – 12 to help them learn how to use cooking equipment safely alongside adult supervision. However, the performance of the tools are just as equal as other professional knives and peelers and can be used by adults as well!

Perfect for those who want to cook alongside their child with ease of mind.

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