Outset Meatball Basket: Cook Perfect Meatballs Every Time

Do you love cooking and eating meatballs? The Outset Meatball Basket is perfect for you! It’s designed to cook the perfect meatballs every time.

It’s over 20 inches in length, ensuring that you can cook at the front of your grill or the back. It has a high-quality non-stick coating—no more food sticking on your utensils! The tool keeps your food secure without sticking.

The long rosewood handle will make turning your food safe and easy, and it can hold up to twelve meatballs without sacrificing any of the flavor! The basket will lock as you cook, preventing any precious meatballs from escaping.

The basket has a weaved construction that can drain excess fat, making the meatballs healthier to eat. Plus, you’re not limited to just meatballs—you can use it to cook shrimp and other types of meat and fish!

If you love cooking meat on the grill, you need this meatball basket!

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Outset Meatball Basket