Overprotective Mom Asks Young Niece to Babysit Her Baby. Minutes Later, She Receives This Hilarious Photo

Leaving your baby with a babysitter can be nerve-wracking.

You have a million questions pop up in your mind before you even exit the front door: will they keep them as protected? feed them properly? The list goes on and on.

That’s exactly how this mom: Claudia Sorhaindo, felt when she left her niece J’Ann with her girl, Ava.

Claudia only planned to be out of the house for a little bit, but then, the worried mother’s phone rang. It was a picture from J’Ann that completely shocked her.

This is what she shared on her Facebook page:

So I had to run out the house for a quick min, so I asked my niece to babysit Baby Ava. A few min later I received a…

Posted by Claudia Sorhaindo on Friday, January 27, 2017

Haha! That creativity from J’Ann is definitely one-of-a-kind. Her aunt’s directions were to not let Ava out of her sight, so when she needed to make a sandwich for herself, she came up with the perfect “baby holder product”.


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