This story shook everyone’s perception of the bully breed dogs: pit bulls. When Blitz, a pure breed pit bull, from Michigan, realized what was going on across the street, the 100-something pound canine jumped to the scene to help.
Blitz witnessed a man domestically abusing his estranged wife, beating and dragging her across the street. Just as his owner was about to go to bed, the woman screamed, “Help me!” and Blitz ran right to her attacker.
Blitz never bit the attacker but rather scared and distracted him from his wife, so that he would loosen his grip and give her the chance to run away. That’s exactly what happened, and the woman followed Blitz back into his apartment to call the police.

She was saved by the police, and the man was identified as 33-year-old Steven Schumacher who was charged with home invasion and domestic violence.

The owner of Blitz, who wishes to be anonymous, shares this story in hopes that people view the bully breed dogs differently, telling reporters that, “he’s great with my kids, he’s just wonderful.”