Owner Thinks Dog Is Covered in Bug Bites, Then Vet Realizes Wounds Are Bullets

On a Saturday night in Seymour, Indiana, Hayden Howard noticed something strange with her puppy Jackson’s skin. Not attributing it to anything more than some bug bites and the fact that he was acting fine, she didn’t think much about it until she took a closer look.

To her horror she found that her 100-pound mastiff was riddled with holes and BB gun pellets. A quick trip to the veterinary uncovered the true damage when the vet began taking out dozens and dozens of little bullets from Jackson’s skin.

As local law enforcement were informed, an immediate investigation took place and they were able to track the direction of the projectiles back to their neighbor’s house. With a search warrant in hand, police were able to search the home and found evidence of the heinous act that took place.

No animal cruelty charges have been able to be placed against any of the homeowners due to being unable to identify specifically who shot the weapon. Though no immediate recourse was taken against them for the attack on Jackson, officers were able to incriminate the suspects due to drug possession and an arrest was able to be made.

And the craziest part? The vet ended up taking out roughly 20 pellets from Jackson’s body, while identifying an additional 20 more that had gotten lodged in his body, and finally bruising that identified almost another 20 that had been shot at him. A total of 60+ pellets, and yet this big adorable pup is still standing and breathing today. Yet another loss for evil, and a win for the strong will of man’s best friend!

“He’s well, he’s home. Taking his medicine and everything.” says Howard, showing off pictures of her pup and son enjoying their play time together once again.

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