Parrot Asking His Friend “Gimme a Kiss” Will Be the Best Thing You Hear Today

Everyone loves when they’re the center of attention. With all eyes on them, they can’t help but to feel loved and supported.

This next video will show you just how close animals are to humans in the way that they share the love to one another.

Parrots JoJo and Buddy are alumni of Birds-I-View, a company that helps recover birds in need and seems that they have a bit of a thing going on.

In the unbelievable video below, expressions such as ” What ya doin’?” and “Gimme a kiss” can be heard coming from JoJo as he shows his affection towards her.

Who would have thought that birds have so much in common with humans?

Watch these two lovebirds and see how it just reminds you of any other human couple!


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