Philips Dreamwear Full Face Cushion: Sleep Without Extra Irritation

If you suffer from sleep-related health issues, the Philips DreamWear full-face mask could be an ideal solution. It’s designed to rest on your face as you sleep, preventing your skin from getting irritated.


The cushion provides you with a comfortable yet effective seal that has minimal contact with your skin. This prevents you from annoying red marks when you wake up in the morning and reduces skin irritations.


It rests under your nose and can seal both nostrils and around your mouth without covering the entire nose. The full face cushions come in four size options, ensuring you get the right fit for your body while avoiding discomfort.


The mask is designed to let you change cushions quickly and easily. This will simplify your setup process and let you use multiple interfaces in one convenient unit. With this mask, you get minimal irritation and maximum comfort.


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For more information on the Dreamwear full face sleep mask, check out the company’s website here.


Watch the demo down below!


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Philips Dreamwear Full Face Cushion