Photographer Enters Abandoned House in Woods, Finds Man Who Makes Her Come Back Again and Again

There’s always a lot of risk when you explore abandoned homes, but you very rarely have a life-changing moment during the experience.

Leslie David is a photographer from Ontario, Canada who likes to explore abandoned buildings and post her adventures on her Instagram page.

But on one particular trip, she met a new friend, Lawrence, and their lives would never be the same again.

Since then, this dynamic duo has been inseperable, even meeting up as recently as Aug. 10!

Legit pissed right now. Lawrence & I play BINGO every Thursday at the retirement home he lives at and the staff have been more than accomodating and amazing to say the least whenever Lawrence needed assistance or a favour. Recently, Lawrence was moved to another area of the retirement home (palliative care) which I can only assume is an attempt by his “family” to save what little money he has to his name by cancelling his extra home care in the retirement wing of the home, thus enhancing their inheritance. Tonight I went for my usual visit and to bring him back over to play BINGO with his friends. After three nurses refused to help me move him from his bed to his wheel chair (stating that they were too busy and he was already in bed… 6:45 pm) Lawrence asked how strong I was feeling and if I thought I would be able to get him into his chair and outside….he also added he hadn’t been outside since Monday…. I told him I had been “lifting” …or whatever the kids are into these days… And that I would get him outside and to his game no matter what. After a successful transfer into his chair I snuck him out of his room and outside to get some sunshine and fresh air (and a smoke) When I brought him back to his room at 8:30, I was met with absolute disrespect and hostility from the PSW at the desk. She told me I needed to ask someone to get him out of bed … When I told her I had asked 3 different staff members, she replied “They said you never asked”. I asked if they were still working as I woud like them to tell me I never requested assistance. One women was bold enough to lie to her manager and to my face about her mistreatment of Lawrence and how she had handled my request. They asked if I come by every Thursday… My response was “you can bet everything you have you’ll be seeing me a lot more now” I took him back to his room as I didn’t think he needed to hear anymore. He hugged me and thanked me and told me he was so happy to have someone stand up for him. Please keep an eye on the ones you love, never let them go unnoticed, or forgotten… And never allow anyone to think it is okay to treat them like anything less than human. #BeHuman

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He even asked her to be present at his funeral—and she said she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Check out more of their adventures down below.

I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, that day I did a U-turn and found myself at a house that would change my life forever. Everyone always tells me how much I have helped Lawrence, but I haven’t done a thing that he hasn’t done for me too. He shifted something in my head and in my heart, and through our visits, and his kindness, I was able to begin to heal inside. We all have our struggles, and it seems the greatest of them are with ourselves. Please don’t feel like you have to sit silently with your pain. Removing the stigma around mental health and being able to have open discussions about these growing issues is imperative to our success as a whole. So please, today, for you, your friends, families, neighbours, coworkers, and complete strangers #LetsTalk and start to heal. . For every text, call, tweet, facebook video view, snapchat geofilter, and instagram #BellLetsTalk, Bell will donate .05 towards mental health initiatives across Canada ❤ . #LetsTalk #MentalHealth #RemoveTheStigma #HaveHeart #GreatBigStory #FindingFriends #BellLetsTalk

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Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about this handsome fella so I figured I’d give everyone following his story an update. After a prolonged stay at two different hospitals after his last stroke, Lawrence is now living at a local retirement home and doing much better. He’s safe and warm and seems to be fairly happy to be around some new people, although I know he misses home. I bring my dog Violet with me when I go for my visits, and she has now become a favourite around the home and she seems to enjoy herself thoroughly (indulging in yet another cookie as seen above). His birthday is coming up shortly (Valentines day) and we can’t wait to celebrate with him, properly… With less pastry for the puppy. ???? #thetourist

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Lunch with a friend #thetourist #abandoned #lost_souls #new_friends #twistedtea @twistedtea

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Thursday night bingo bros ✨ . #TheTourist #BestBuds #BingoNight #GreatBigStory

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