A recent test has been circling the internet once again. From the photo below, choose the door with the path that most appeals to you. Read on to find out what your choice means!

If You Chose Door #1

You chose the path of freedom. You are someone who needs space and freedom to make your own decisions. You don’t like feeling constrained; you are independent, perhaps slightly rebellious. You are non-confrontational, however, preferring instead to resist passively. You dislike being rushed; you would rather savour every moment life has to offer and are too busy enjoying life to draw too much attention to yourself.

If You Chose Door #2

You chose the path of privacy and generally prefer to travel alone. You are pensive; you think, observe, and riddle out the problem before you act. You don’t mind social settings, but need alone time to recharge. You have a unique and insightful point of view, but you’re a bit of a lone wolf. You do however, create lasting connections with people when you take the proper time and understanding.

If You Chose Door #3

You chose the path of colour, excitement, and curiosity. You are engaging, outgoing, keen to learn, chatty, inquisitive, smart clever, and funny. You love to make people laugh. For you, it’s about the journey, not the destination.

If You Chose Door #4

You chose the path of excitement and ambition. You commit to your choices now, and deal with the consequences later. You can be impulsive, but it all works out in the end. You hold true the phrase ‘Carpe Diem!’ You can be a bit of a rule-breaker; you’re unpredictable, spontaneous, and a thrill seeker, but you love it!

If You Chose Door #5

You chose a welcoming path. You are a low-key, peaceful person. You don’t like to be ruffled. You are generous, laid-back, easy-going, consistent, and down-to-earth.

If You Chose Door #6

You chose a quiet, tranquil path. Solitude is important to you in most aspects of your life. You can spend most of the time alone, without feeling lonely. You seek meaning in much of life, believing in deliberate actions. You don’t like crowds, but do like people, and value authentic relationships.