Plexus Wheel: The Simple Back Pain Relieving Tool

Do you suffer from back pain on a regular basis? The Plexus Wheel is perfect for you! It’s designed to help relieve your crippling back pain in just five minutes a day.


When you roll the wheel up and down your spine, it relaxes your shoulders and neck to help get rid of tension headaches, strengthens your core, aligns the spine, releases tightness, and opens your hips.


Sitting with poor posture causes your vertebrae to compress—the constant pressure will strain your discs and aggravate your nerve roots. The Plexus Wheel tractions your spine and releases pinched nerves, restoring your spine to its natural curve.


The Plexus Wheel also helps break down scar tissue by mobilizing your joints and massaging out your tension in four different directions. It also comes in three sizes for different pain problems and different parts of your body.


If you have pain in your body, you need this wheel in your life!


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Watch the demo down below!


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Plexus Wheel
Available in several sizes