Ploota: Stay Afloat in Rough and Harsh Waters

Perfect for safety out in open water, this inflatable device will fill with air and bring you to the top when deployed.

The Ploota is the ultimate safety device for swimmers or anyone out in open waters that doesn’t block or obstruct your range of motion when on.

When feeling threatened in dangerous waters, it automatically releases the cushions or you can easily press the button on the front and the Ploota will safely bring you to the top.

Accidents can occur virtually anywhere and it’s best to be equipped with the Ploota even if you are a powerful swimmer as waters are known to change in an instant.

The Ploota is reusable and can be easily folded back into its original form to be used again, only needing a change in the CO2 cartridge.

Consider trying The Ploota the next time you explore the underwaters and feel safe that it will bring you the top.

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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Ploota Safety Device