Polar Seal Heated Jackets: Temperature Control with Just One Button

If you always get too cold when you go out, the Polar Seal heated jacket collection is perfect for you! They’re designed to give you heat at the push of a button.


It’s made of ultra-thin and flexible materials, making the jackets comfortable for everyday wear or for sports! The Polar Seal technology is now in three new models: a parka, vest, and hoodie—you’ll be warm and cozy wherever you are.


Thanks to the powerful heating technology, you’ll feel the temperature increase in just seconds! The garments also come with heated pockets—no more frozen hands while waiting for the bus in the cold early morning.


The upper back heater is designed to follow the contours of your back, giving you more efficient heat with maximum body contact. Plus, the parka features a phone pocket with an anti-radiation guard for your protection.


If you need instant heat, these jackets are for you!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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Polar Seal Heated Jackets
Available as a jacket, parka, or hoodie