Pony Up Daddy: Play with Your Kids in a Safe Way

If you love playing with your kids but hate back pain, the Pony Up Daddy is perfect for you! It’s designed to let you physically play with your children without any pain.


For years, parents and their kids have been playing pony and rider. However, if you’re playing the pony, you end up with back pain. On top of that, your child will want something to hold onto—without a handle, they’ll grab your ears, hair, neck, or shirt!


The elastic belt design is easy to use—simply stretch it and wrap it across your torso and you’re ready to go! The high-quality neoprene design can hold up to any activity your child will want to play.


The saddle also has a convenient handle to hold, making it a safe tool for playing. It’s comfortable and secure, letting your child’s imagination run wild. You can even put on costumes to add to the fun!


This gadget is perfect for playing with your kids!


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Watch the demo down below!


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Pony Up Daddy
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