PortaPresso: Brew Espresso Anywhere on the Go

Perfect for the person on the go, this is a portable travel mug that instantly brews espresso with a push of a button.

The PortaPresso is the world’s first portable espresso maker that grind beans, boils water and froths milk all in the same mug-like container.

Simply fill the PortaPresso with fresh beans, tap water, and milk (optional) at the start of your day and bring the mug anywhere you need.

When the need hits for a fresh cup of espresso, twist the grinder to grind the fresh beans and twist the dial to compact your grinds.

Once turned on, the PortaPresso can be controlled by its LCD screen where you can adjust the settings to fit your tastes.

The PortaPresso cup at the bottom is designed to be sleek and minimal yet able to fit into a standard cup holder, allowing to fit and be brought virtually anywhere.

For a portable option of fresh espresso every day, try the PortaPresso to suit your tastes and lifestyle!

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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PortaPresso Espresso Maker