PowerCube: The Compact Power Bar for Small Spaces

If you don’t have enough room in your home for a standard power bar, the PowerCube is perfect for you! It’s designed to be a compact version of a power bar, expanding the use of your outlets.


It works the same way as a traditional power bar—plug it in and you’re good to go. You can use it anywhere, from the office to your home to your hotel room! Slip it in your backpack, purse, or briefcase and you’ll never be without an outlet.


You can mount multiple plugs in a convenient way, and the cube is grounded! You can even plug in multiple cubes to expand your outlets—you can create your own power source that’s tailored to your needs.


The cube combines traditional outlets and USBs, letting you charge both regular plugs and USB-powered devices at the same time, in the same place! It has a resettable fuse, and it’s easily childproofed to protect your kids.


If you want to have power outlets everywhere you go, this gadget’s a great option!


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Available in two colors