Presto MyJo: The Low-Cost Single Cup Coffee Maker

Are you a single person who doesn’t drink more than two cups of coffee a day? The Presto MyJo is perfect for you! It’s designed to make single-serve coffee pods without a high cost.


It combines the convenience of traditional single-cup coffee makers without their expensive price tag. The machine’s compact design lets you take it anywhere—use it at home, work, school, or even camping!


You can heat the water by filling the reservoir with boiled water from a kettle, or you can fill the reservoir with tap water and heat it in the microwave. Place the pod in the base, assemble the reservoir and pump, and you’re good to go!


Don’t like the idea of disposable coffee pods? No worries—you can use the refillable and reusable MyJo cup to brew your favorite ground coffee flavor! Save money and create less waste with this affordable machine.


If you love coffee, you need this machine!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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Presto MyJo Single Serve Coffee Maker