Most animated princesses are famous for making little girls and boys feel beautiful on the inside and out. But this princess is going viral for teaching parents how to save their babies’ lives.
Infant choking is a serious danger. According to a survey from St. John Ambulance, over 40 per cent of parents had witnessed their child choking. But 80 per cent of those parents didn’t know what to do when it was happening.
That’s why St John Ambulance set out to educate the public through an animated ad.

The princess demonstrates how to save a choking baby using a gummy bear while explaining exactly what she’s doing:

“If your baby is choking, lay them face down on your thigh. Then one gives up to five back blows. If that doesn’t work, turn them over and give them up to five chest thrusts . . . until the airway is clear. And if that still doesn’t work, call an ambulance.”

Watch the full ad in the video down below!