The Prinker Instantly Draws Temporary Tattoos Right on Your Skin

Tattoos always look so cool, but actually getting one is quite a commitment. After all, apart from using expensive laser removal therapy, they stay on your skin forever.

The Prinker is here to change the game. It prints customizable temporary tattoos in under a minute!

Because the ink uses eco-friendly cosmetic ingredients, it’s safe for all skin types—even children’s skin!

All you need is the Prinker unit and the corresponding smartphone app—available for iOS and Android. Everything you need to create your custom tattoos is in the palm of your hand.

You can draw whatever you want printed, edit your own photos, and purchase photos and designs from the marketplace community.

You can even preview the design on your skin before you print it!

For more information, check out the brand’s website.

Check out the Prinker in action in the video down below!


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