PYSIS Posh Galosh Overboots: Protect Your Favorite Dress Shoes in Any Weather

Perfect for those who don’t want to be caught in bad weather wearing heels, these overboots will come in handy the next time you decide to go out.

The PYSIS Posh Galosh Overboots slip over your heels to provide a comfortable fit when wearing heels in rain or uncomfortable weather.

The adjustable elastic straps on the boots allow for a tighter fit to ensure nothing gets in and protect your feet from the harsh outside conditions.

Along with its treaded reinforced rubber sole, the Posh Galoshes are insulated to keep you warm while protecting your favorite dress shoes from rain or snow damage.

Also collapsible for greater convenience and an adjustable fit, the Posh Galosh also comes with a convenient storage bag and will be the solution to ruining your beloved dress shoes from bad weather.

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Watch the demo video down below!


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PYSIS Posh Galosh Overboots
Three Sizes Available