Q-Flex Body Massager: Massage Knots in Your Back with Ease

Perfect for those hard to reach knots in your back, this device can help you gently relive them.

The Q-Flex is an acupuncture and body massage tool that allows you to massage knots sensed in your back.

Simply place the point of the Q-Flex anywhere on your back that you feel soreness and gently pull forward to apply pressure.

Apply pressure and release in 15 – 20-second intervals over the duration of 2-3 minutes and feel the knots untie themselves.

You can use the Q-Flex on any of the body’s large muscles including the back, shoulder, legs, and feet to reduce soreness and help the recovery.

There is also an acupuncture tip on the handle side of the Q-Flex which allows you give greater pressure to any front muscle groups.

Whether you use the Q-Flex to relieve knots or apply acupressure, you are sure to enjoy fast relief from muscle pain using the Q-Flex.

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Q-Flex Body Massager