QueenRose Body Pillow: U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow with Washable Cover

The QueenRose pregnancy pillow is a body pillow great for pregnant women, women and even men! The maternity body pillow creates a belly support position for sleeping, reading, nursing, watching TV and breastfeeding.

The u-shaped, full body contour allows expecting mothers to receive a painless and sound sleep. It’s ideal for when pregnant women experience symptoms like hip or back pain. It’s also just great for people recovering from injury, or just want a better night’s sleep.

The QueenRose pregnancy pillow is filled with high density and extra soft Bionic Polyethylene filling which doesn’t smell and retains fluffiness for longer use. The filling is set at a standard 7.8 inch high but is adjustable by removing the filling.

When you don’t feel like lying, the body pillow is also great for when you’re seated upwards. It provides back support and a comfortable seat for you to relax on.

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QueenRose Pregnancy Body Pillow
Various colors

$59.59 – $75.59

QueenRose Pregnancy Body Pillow – King Size w/Premium Inner Cover