Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of bikers out there who do it purely for the joy of the open road and are absolutely fantastic, kind, and caring people. However, there still remains an unfortunate stigma around biker gangs in general, and the idea of a kid joining one would sicken most parents. But not today.
See, young Audrianna prefers riding her dirt bike instead of playing with dolls. Unfortunately, being young and different often makes one a target for bullying. Audrianna’s tomboy-like nature and style didn’t help matters either, and she was allegedly bullied at school for over a year at just the tender age of seven!

Always wanting to help, a group of motorcycle enthusiasts from the public sector called “The Punishers” came to her aid. They gave Audrianna her very own biker vest, a cool helmet, and a ride to school on an actual motorbike. We don’t think she has to worry about being bullied anymore.