Raizer by Liftup: The Easy-to-Use Lifting Chair

The Raizer by Liftup chair is perfect for anyone who needs assistance in case of a fall. It’s designed to help a fallen person into a standing position just minutes after they’ve fallen.


It’s simple to use and battery-operated, making it easy to take with you anywhere. It’s easy to assemble—you only need one person to put it together. As long as you have a supportive hand, you can lift someone up. No physical strength required!


Because there’s minimal physical effort required, almost anyone can use it. Both the fallen person and the assistant can feel safe when using it, and it can be transported easily in two lightweight bags.


It sets up in just three minutes, and it’s easy to clean between uses! It’s ergonomically designed to be comfortable for the person who has fallen down, and the assistant can operate it with a simple remote control.


You can use it in almost any setting, making it accessible for people in all living situations.


For more information on Raizer by Liftup, contact the company here.


Watch the demo down below!


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Raizer by Liftup