Rakjak: Lift Your Car with More Air and Less Muscle

Perfect for those in need of changing their tires out after the season, this car jack is quicker and easier than the traditional car jack.

The RakJak Air Jack uses air pressure from an air tank or compressor and inflates in a matter of seconds.

It is portable and ideal for doing wheel and suspension work either at the shop or on the road.

It has the capacity to support vehicles up to 2-tons and extends to 13-3/4″ in height to allow enough space to be able to do work properly.

The built-in internal telescoping steel rods provide extra strength and a pressure release valve prevents damage from over-inflation.

There are two models that rise to different heights and can suit normal cars and even trucks as well.

Replace the traditional jack and change tires easier than ever before!

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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