The Fishers are a family out of Long Beach, California. They were looking for a family pet and, for a while, considered getting a horse. Ultimately, they decided against that and chose to adopt two dogs.
Two MASSIVE dogs. Two Newfoundlands, Ralphie and Boss. The two dogs became beloved members of the family quickly. Now, they do double duty as family pets and full-time babysitters for the family’s three sons – Lenox, Cruz, and Tegan.

Ralphie currently weighs in at 125 lbs, with Boss topping him at 160 lbs. However, that’s peanuts compared to what Newfoundland’s commonly measure. The breed is known to weigh as much as 270 lbs and can grow to be 6 feet from head to tail!

Despite their girth and the fact that they drool as much as a leaky bath tub, the two beasts will always be lap dogs in the eyes of the Fisher family.