Repairmen Rips Off Antenna Cover Unleashing 300 Pounds of Acorns Stashed Inside

It is not uncommon for repairmen workers to come face-to-face with bizarre situations but this one definitely tops the list.

An unforeseen circumstance has been the talk of the town when repairmen were called to fix an antenna at the Bear Creek Microwave Site.

They have been called due to an interruption in the connection signal from it and the workers were there to fix it.

It is not uncommon for the signal to disappear during a rain or snowstorm but during this sunny day, what could possibly be the problem?

They could hardly believe their eyes upon closer examination as all they could see inside was acorns filled to the brim! From afar, it looks like there could be no way anything could be hidden inside until you see the small holes filled with something brown and hazel colored.

All they could see from the small hole in it was loads of acorns that have had to be stashed by a small creature in preparation of multiple winters.

It is thought to be the works of a squirrel but is likely that of a woodpecker due to the size of the hole.

Nobody knows how long the antenna was used as a storage space for the acorns but with amounts of up to 300 pounds of it, it must have taken a while!

Check out the video where it shows the worker pulling off the cover to unleash the river of acorns!


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