RESCUE! Non-Toxic Yellowjacket Trap: Get Rid of Yellowjackets Quickly

Do you have a yellowjacket problem in your yard? The RESCUE! Non-Toxic Reusable Trap is perfect for you! It’s designed to be one of the most effective, affordable yellowjacket traps on the market.


It catches the queen and the workers from the spring through the fall—no more yellowjackets during the warm weather seasons. The trap is made from durable materials, ensuring it’ll last you for many seasons to come.


It comes with a two-week attractant kit, and you can purchase more kits to catch more yellowjackets! The trap catches the queens in the spring before they can built nests. Plus, the trap won’t catch honeybees that can help your garden.


It’s non-toxic and low-maintenance—the trap won’t hurt the yellowjackets or any other bugs or wildlife. It’s not messy and requires no cleanup—just set the trap up in your yard and watch it catch your yellowjackets!


It creates a yellowjacket exhibit in your own backyard!


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RESCUE! Non-Toxic Yellowjacket Trap