Resentful Man Finds Stressed Mother-In-Law In Kitchen Hunched Over, Finally Appreciates Her

Scott Mann is like many other regular husbands. When he initially got married, he had a hard time getting along with his wife’s immediate family, specifically, her mother. Just like many marriages, Scott accepted his mother-in-law grudgingly, for the better part of his love life. It wasn’t until now that he realizes his mother-in-law is a real-world superhero.
It all happened when Scott’s wife was diagnosed with aggressive Leukemia, seven years into their marriage. With a 10% chance of living within a year, Sharon, Scott’s mother-in-law, stepped into fulfill her motherly role. She moved with her husband into Scott’s home and became his wife’s caretaker once again. Over a period of two years, Sharon bought the groceries, cooked almost every meal, did chores, and many caring tasks in the house. And it turns out, Sharon did this all while she was struggling with cancer as well.

It’s incredibly touching to see Scott realize how lucky he is to have such a wonderful mother-in-law. And like he says, “Not everyone gets to have a real-world superhero in their lives. And for this I was filled with gratitude every day.”





h/t Quora


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