Rivet Fold Ottoman: Sofa Folds Out to Become a Bed for Your Guests

Do you ever have those random nights where you have surprise guests come over? Whether it’s your friends after an outing, or your parents coming up to visit, sometimes you’re just caught off guard and don’t have a place for them to stay.

That’s where the Rivet Fold Ottoman comes in. It’s a two-in-one ottoman that transforms into a bed when you fold it out – turning any room into your guest room!

Rivet Fold Ottoman 1

Rivet Fold Ottoman 2

The Rivet Fold Ottoman is a contemporary classic piece that blends in nicely with any of your current home decorations. When not used as a bed, the ottoman acts as an extra place to sit / rest your feet.

Rivet Fold Ottoman 3

It’s made with a solid wood frame & beech legs and assembles easily by just attaching the legs. The pull-out bed is a handy twin size, and is both comfortable and spacious.

Rivet Fold Ottoman 4

Rivet Fold Ottoman 5

The great thing about the Rivet Fold Ottoman is that since it has no backrest when not folded out, the ottoman can be rotated 360 degrees to fit anywhere in your room.

The Rivet Fold Ottoman is available in dark grey and light grey, and is a cozy addition for any modern home.

It’s perfect for those who always have unexpected visits and need an extra place for guests to stay!

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