Robotime 3D Wooden Puzzle: The Puzzles That Can Double as Home Decor

The Robotime 3D wooden puzzles are perfect for the creative person in your life! They’re designed to let you build a beautiful piece of wooden art.

It uses laser-cutting technology and an exclusive design to create unique puzzles!

The DIY music box can actually play music and light up, although it can be sad and melancholic.

You can assemble the puzzles yourself, or enlist the entire family to help for quality bonding time.

You can even build some of the world building models to teach your kids about iconic historical buildings!

Available here.

Watch the demo down below!


Where To Buy

Robotime 3D Wooden Music Box Puzzle


Robotime 3D Wooden Dinosaur Puzzles
Available in six models


Robotime 3D Wooden Space Vehicle Puzzle


Robotime 3D Wooden World Building Puzzle
Available in three models


Robotime 3D Wooden RoboBunny Puzzle