RocketSkates: World’s First Smart Electric Roller Skates

The RocketSkates are the world’s first pair of electric skates that use your smartphone to track your route and distance traveled.

To get started, first put your skates on as you normally would and press the buttons on the back. The skate with the red buckle is the leading skate and the one with the black buckle is the following skate.

Once they’re on, use a kicking motion to spin the four wheels and the motors will engage to keep you going. The more parallel your foot is towards the ground, the faster your rocket skates will go. If you want to brake, lift your foot at a higher angle.

The RocketSkates R10 can go for a 10 mile range at 12mph while the R5 can go for a 5 mile range at 7mph. Both models take 2.5 hrs to charge fully.

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!

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RocketSkates R5


RocketSkates R10