Roll-All Paint Roller: The Easy Way to Paint Poles and Posts

Do you have a hard time painting around long poles or posts? The Roll-All Paint Roller is perfect for you! It’s designed to paint around long, skinny surfaces quickly and easily.


If you’ve tried to paint spindles, fence posts, or poles with a brush, you know how hard and time-consuming it is. It never looks perfectly even, and it always takes so long to paint over the same spots over and over again.


The secret is in the dual rollers—this cuts down on the time you spend painting your surface, and it distributes paint evenly. The rolls are interchangeable according to the surface you’re painting, ensuring you get a perfect paint job.


The durable steel construction ensures it’ll last for years to come, and the ergonomic handle is easy to grip for long periods of time. Simply load paint in the tray, cover your rolls with paint, and start your project!


You’ll get the job done in no time at all!


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Watch the demo down below!


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Roll-All Paint Roller