Rottweilers get a bad rap. They are often seen as vicious and violent dogs. While it’s true that some dogs can be aggressive due to their surroundings and upbringing, Rottweilers (along with Pit Bulls) get far more stigma than is due when they are some of the most loyal and protective dogs in existence. This incredibly loyal Rottweiler further proves that.

The Love Me Tender animal rescue project in Tennessee has rescued over 1000 abandoned dogs during its time in operation. Finding Ella was a special moment for Love Me Tender’s Kathy Wilkes-Myer. Although most dogs she deals with are timid and untrusting, this Rottweiler was notably different. Unlike the others, she was a cool, calm, and collected canine. Convinced that there was more to the story, Kathy decided to do some detective work and came upon a truly inspiring story of unending loyalty. It reminds us that dogs are truly man’s best friend.

via CBS