Rowbike: Combine the Fitness of Rowing with On-The-Go Biking

The Rowbike is a product that combines the fitness of rowing with the on-the-go excitement of biking outdoors. It gets you where you want to be – uphill, downhill or turns.

It has both front and rear brakes when you need to stop and a sliding seat to adjust for whoever decides to ride the Rowbike.

Industry experts also found that by using the Rowbike you can lose 50% more calories than if you were biking regularly – making it a great fitness tool.

The Rowbike also comes in a 4-wheel model that’s perfect for elderly people looking to Rowbike as well.

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!

Where To Buy

Rowbike 2.0
2 Wheel


Rowbike 4.0
4 Wheel