Rubbee X: Make Your Regular Bike Fully Electric

Perfect for traveling longer distances without giving extra effort, this device can turn your regular bicycle into a fully electric bike.

The Rubbee X has batteries, electronics and a motor that touches the rear tire of the bike and gives you extra power when needed.

It has a wireless cadence sensor that tracks your pedaling pattern and adapts the electric assist automatically without the need for any wiring.

You can regenerate the Rubbee downhill by doing half a turn with the pedals that allow you to have a greater range of push alongside the already functioning motor.

Included is an ultra bright rear safety light that consists of 14 LEDs that not only works as a brake light but also display the battery level and acts as a turn indicator.

It features a patented quick-release lock technology that enables Rubbee to be installed and detached with one hand, in just one second.

Able to be paired with a smartphone, the Rubbee X is able to record advanced ride analytics to make your bike riding experience the best possible.

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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Rubbee X E-Bike Kit