The RYNO: One-Wheeled, Electric Powered Machine for Personal Transportation

The RYNO is an accessible, enjoyable and practical machine for motorized personal transportation. It’s a one-wheeled, electric powered machine used for casual strolls and short trips.

You can ride RYNO wherever you’d usually walk. Whether it’s on the sidewalk, urban parks or office elevators, the RYNO can go there as well. It rides at 10mph.

Use the RYNO for times when it’s too far or inconvenient to walk but too short for you to drive. This makes RYNO great for art and music festivals as well as those quick runs for groceries.

The RYNO has a 10 mile travel range on one full charge so you’re able to make it to your destination and back with no worry.

Available for pre-order Here.

Watch the demo down below!