Teens on social media are now challenging each other to do something that may land them in the emergency room.
Doctors are now begging parents to keep a wary eye out for the salt and ice challenge.
We will refrain from explaining how to do it, but basically the combination of the two ingredients leave second-degree burns on the body of the person who does it.
The ice numbs the skin, so you probably won’t notice how severe the pain is until your skin warms up again. Permanent damage can occur within 5 minutes.
Dr. Brian Wagers explains the effects on Fox59.

The after affects of the #saltandicechallenge

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“Some of the pictures you’ll see on the internet and YouTube, those kids have third-degree burns. I mean, it turns it to leather essentially. So you lose the blood vessels that are in there. You lose sensation, because of the nerve endings … You’ll never have hair if you did it on your arms. So you’ll have a bald patch.”