The San Alfonso Del Mar Resort in Chile Has the World’s Biggest Pool!

Your backyard pool has nothing on this resort.

The San Alfonso del Mar resort in Chile has the world’s largest pool, made by Crystal Lagoons.

It’s nine football fields long and 115 feet deep, holding over 66 gallons of fresh salt water!

The water is as clear and as turquoise as the tropical Caribbean Sea, letting you feel like you’re right in the Bahamas.

Don’t worry about getting too hot or too cold—in the summer, the pool maintains a temperature of 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

This resort won’t break the bank—a five day stay in a one bedroom apartment for two adults starts at 70,000 pesos per night (or about $106 USD).

As for the best time to visit, peak season is from October to March. You’ll deal with some crowds, but the weather can’t be beat.

To book, visit their website here.

Check out the resort in the video down below!


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