Any place that is named ‘Dead Dog Beach’ is either as bad as it sounds or really in need of a new PR agency to get their branding across in a non-morbid way. Unfortunately however, the reality of the name is (mostly) apt. There exists in Puerto Rico a beach known as the ‘go to’ spot for abandoning your pet dog. This is how it got the name ‘Dead Dog Beach’.

The collective sadness of such a reality is outweighed however by the immense and profound grace and kindness that so often is displayed in its place. This is the story of the Sato Project, a project that patrols Dead Dog Beach and seeks to rescue any dog that otherwise would be left alone. Afterwards, they try to then find them a new home. Additionally, they use boxing to help promote awareness and to raise money to pay for the dogs’ rescue, rehab, and flights out of Puerto Rico.

via CNN