Greenlight A Vet is a social movement intended to spark appreciation for veterans with a simple symbol. By installing one green light in a visible area of your home or office, you can join the campaign to show unified support for returning veterans like Lourde.
Lourde decided to join the Army when she was 17 and was sent to Iraq in Mosul in 2004. She returned from Iraq about seven years ago, but she says it still feels like yesterday. Since coming home, she has never been the same. Lourde was diagnosed with PTSD. This misunderstood disorder can feel isolating, as only other veterans really know what it’s like.

Lourde also came back with a new appreciation for life as she returned from a place where, “tomorrow’s not guaranteed.” As she tells her story, you can see her face light up when she begins to talk about sports. As a basketball coach, she believes that, “sports can end a lot of wars,” as teammates look beyond differences and come together as a team on the court. “There’s no race. There’s no hate. You’re taught to uplift each other.”

To Lourde, even a small symbol like the green light says that you care, even if you don’t know how to say it out loud. To learn more about the campaign, visit