Cockroaches are a nuisance, but you have to admire their resilience. Along with Twinkies and lead, they’re one of the few things known to be able to survive a nuclear explosion. When the end time comes, all that will remain are cockroaches, snack cakes, and regret.
Well, the end times are still a while away, so we’re still in charge for now – not the cockroaches. If you struggle with a roach infestation and can’t conceive of an effective repellent for these immortal god insects, try bay leaves.
Though it may sound odd, food plays a vital role in the life cycle of a cockroach. Roaches can communicate a lot to each other through the scent of their poops. Cockroaches will not eat bay leaf and will actively be deterred by it. Even if one brave soul samples it, the scent of their bay leaf stool will scare away all the others. It is also recommended that you use dry bay leaf, though any variety will do the trick.

Take THAT, nuke-proof demon spawn!