If you eat meat, then you probably think that cows are delicious. Well, evidently, so do lions. Lions, unlike humans, take only a matter of seconds to subdue a live cow. Also unlike humans, lions do not care about conservation efforts or property claims. That has proven to be a bit of a problem for struggling farmers in Botswana.
As such, farmers in Botswana have begun killing lions that attempt to steal their live stock. That, in turn, has turned out to be a bigger problem, as lions in the region become more and more endangered.
Well, a particularly crafty Australian scientist has come up with a simple yet elegant solution – paint eyes on the cows’ rears.


Neil Jordan at the University of New South Wales has teamed up with other scientists and regional experts to test the effectiveness of a stamp that tricks lions into believing that cows have eyes on their rears.


It’s a tactic used by butterflies with decoy eye patterns on their wings. Some humans in Africa used to wear masks on the backs of their heads to confuse apex predators as well. In a small sample experiment last year, Jordan painted eyes on 23 cows and left 39 without them. At the end of the study, 3 of the eyeless cows were eaten by lions and all of the painted cows were left alone.


Jordan recently funded his work through a crowdfunding campaign that received a lot of online interest.


Watch Jordan explain his methods in the video below!