Sealver Waveboat: Turn Your Jet Ski into a Full-Sized Boat

Perfect for those who love to cruise around on a hot summer’s day, this company creates boat shells that turn your two-person jetski into a boat for many!

Sealver is the company behind this creation that allows you to have the space of a full sized boat without buying one.

The wide range of models of Waveboats can be easily attached to either a Seadoo, Yamaha, or a Kawasaki jetski that allows for it to have power.

Great for sharing the fun of a jet ski, the line of Waveboats come in many different colors and model to fit your desired needs.

The jetski can also be detached easily in the open water allowing for some sit back and relax while others can zip around on the jetski.

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Sealver Waveboat
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