Sesame Access Retracting Stair Lifts: Wheelchair and Pedestrian Access in One Space

The Sesame Access retracting stair lifts are designed to convert from a traditional stairway to a wheelchair accessible ramp, all in one space! When you aren’t using the lift, the stairs have full pedestrian access.


The system is designed to blend into the surroundings, maintaining the architectural and design merit of the building. They can be dressed in whatever material you want—it’s easy to match the rest of the building’s decor.


Each Sesame system is custom made to the site—you can change it to suit your needs. The stairs are controlled by “stairs forward” and “stairs back” buttons. Simply press and hold on the buttons to lift and lower your custom stairway.


It’s installed with stainless-steel tracks, giving you a framework for the retracting steel without marks all over your decor. You can also custom-control the speed of the lift system, and it comes with an emergency stop button.


For more information on the stairs and to get a quote, visit the company’s website here.


Watch the demo down below!