Shape+Store Baby Ready: Premake Your Baby’s Food in the Freezer

Are you an on-the-go parent who needs to have food always ready? The Shape+Store Baby Food Freezer Container is perfect for you! It’s designed to let you premake and store food quickly and easily.


Simply pour in two and a half cups of pureed food, spread it out over the hexagon shapes, put on the cover, and freeze your food. The shapes will do all the cutting for you—don’t break a sweat over your baby’s food!


The flexible silicone tray ensures your food pops out easily when you need it—you’ll have your food out and ready to eat in no time! It has a space-saving design—you can use other Shape+Store products for other food, or you can load up your freezer with family favorites.


It can make and store 10 2 oz food portions at a time, and it uses BPA-free material. When you’re done with a tray, simply rinse it off and throw it in the dishwasher for easy and efficient clean up.


If you need healthy premade baby food, check out this tray!


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Watch the demo down below!


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Shape+Store Baby Ready